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Self Driving cars to appear in San Francisco Soon

3D toys on FB

Security system scans Faces
Heads Up Display Market (Sensors Online)

Tipron Robot Projector (still digging.)

Huge Bet and Huge Partners, Qualcomm and 5G

Interesting Bet -- world without car crashes (Masayoshi Son)

Will lasers save Intel's google glass clones from sucking?

Wimp - Amazing new inventions we want to own now. (Wait till it comes in a phone.)

Qualcomm in lots of VR Headsets

LiDAR finds another ancient civilization.

WPGholdings Translator.... 

Intel -- virtual presence with UAVS

Seeing through limbs with Hololens

Intel AR Glasses

Self-driving delivery (Coming faster than we think.)

Robot at Walmart Bossa Nova

Softbank Activity

Photonics West

Coolest stuff --- almost all of it includes Alexa or Google Home. Watch this space!

Want to know where the future is going? Look at the chips.

Qualcomm and Microsoft - POST PC

Texas Instruments DLP development kit... (it's big) Thanks Roger

Harman Integrated Cockpit (HUD)

Everyone will have a robot second self -- Microsoft

Gadget hacks Hackjob on Moviphone

Qualcomm Post PC World


Every Bedroom

xaiomi  oculus


Robots at CES - USA Today

Facebook Portal

Wade through AR & VR at CES

"Smart Displays" PC Magazine

MoviPhone at CES

South Korean Mems Mirror Manufacturing

InstaSabre -- yes, silly is good.

ODG 2016 Iteration

New Samsun Chip -- Beyond a component

NBC News Augmented Reality

Thompson Phone Review (French)

Softbank Investing - Israel (how they invest.)

ULTRA, a leading distributor of electronic components dedicated to the Asia-Pacific market, announced that its Quanti unit has been delivering medical solutions based on MicroVision's micro-laser scanning projection technology

is it mainstream when Apple has AR fartjokes?

STREEM -- AR for Contractors

New Phone service in Japan

AR Gaming

Universal Projector Phone / Short Focus Set Top Box / Laser Outdoor Advertising

AEye Technology Review


  •  “The biggest bottleneck to the rollout of robotic vision solutions has been the industry’s inability to deliver a world-class perception layer. Quick, accurate, intelligent interpretation of the environment that leverages and extends the human experience is the Holy Grail, and that’s exactly what AEye intends to deliver.” 
Apple and VCSEL Laser Tech

Matt Car Lense Expansion

3D Laser Sensor Market

Future Augmented Reality Diary

Predictive Algorithms & Stats
You're not looking for it, and it doesn't come from a direction you expect.

Pioneer Possible Customer

Quantum V Video

Switch and future of Gadget Design
Blowout Growth Goertek

24,000 Self Driving vehicles from Volvo for UBER?

Patently Apple, Homepod 

Apple Homepod Delay

2019 iPhone -- TOF and Lasers

Why HMD AR is inevitable -- Forbes

Daily Mail AR

Goertek ---- is everywhere



Voltage patent,..

Voga V arrival in Brazil?

DLP and LASER Options for HUD

Hardware Manufacturers "salivate" over Japan's 5G Network

GEARBEST Selling Voga V worldwide

Apple buys TV Drama

5G Superfast Samsung Lamp posts



Robots to work in Walmart

Pioneer LiDAR - Tiny Swiveling Mirrors

AR Camera

When projectors are better and cheaper?

Hilton Head 2018

10 Billion Robots

Buying Spectrum

Patent -RainbowRemoval (Thx Bart)

Voga V - Unbox, Chinese


Complete PC on Phone - Windows

Marketing Basics -- Introductory Pricing Strategy



Foxconn just starting to release new apple iPhoneX, production issues...

WPG Holdings

New Cadillac

Intel shutters Recon

Buy AllviewPhone

Allview | Allview launches laser projector phone

TV viewing to go Mobile

GM buys Strobe   | Strobe Inc

Google and Hardware -- lots of AI

Tom's Guide | Samsung s9 | Modular design?

interactive surface conference

Thomson Fusion

Stubborn Billionaires and Media Merger Stalemate

Amazon buying channels


Best projectors for Android Devices.

Huawei -- AI on a chip

Un-Japanese behavior

Game of thrones without the dragons

Brightness patent.


VRD @ LED Inside

Softbank to offer on Charter

Lidar goes Indiana Jones

MEMS Sensors Market

Connected Car / LiDAR

Great Gifts -- Microvision Tweeted

STM Upgrade

Green-orange, China Mobile
ndra life sceinces

3D Facial Recognition - Fruit Co.

Apple and VR - CNET

RGB Laser module

Sony TOF

Project Tango and depth detection

Benz wants to regain lead in RoboCars

Supply conflicts, Nintendo Switch and iPhone8

Daqri at AR conference

Two Oakland county cities vying for Foxconn manufacturing plant (This is when you know things are real.)

Essential phone (andy Rubin) Modular

Engadget 3D Camera for VR headsets

2017 AR expo

Old nomad article  (Updating this post)

Sony Xperia Projector $1700 in US

Wonder if this can use 3D laser scanning. (bet it can.)

Apple Echo competitor due in June?
Apple all new product to be revealed in June

The Cardboard of AR

A "Dual Screen" Flip Phone?  Samsung has one in testing.

Engineer at center of Patent issues between Waymo and Uber is fired.

Motley Fool things Waymo will be huge for Google (Alphabet) -- Self driving cars will be huge for Microvision.

Laser Weapons Almost Ready for use

Apple Developing Chip for Artificial Intelligence

Renault acquisition of Intel Division

Smaller screens, subpixels

Microsoft spending billions on acquisitions

Caterpillar's augmented reality

Foxconn acquires micro LED company

More Illumiroom

Microsoft LCOS Holographic Display

ALO Smartphone

Gen Z spending 1+ hours watching mobile video daily

Screenless Display

Microsoft AR glasses that don't look bad

AR -- the Future of Training

Sharp headed for first net profit in 4 years

Facebook fined over What'sApp acquisition

Sharp commits to Softbank's Tech Fund

Google - AR you can use

iPhone production commencing in India

"First reveal" of the iPhone 8 ... 

Experia Touch to be available in July

Intel Mobileye & Taxes

Apple buys "Dark Data" company

Xaiomi leads smartphone market in India

Chief marketing officer leaves Micromax (I am a fan.)

Sharp seeks to purchase 20% of Toshiba Memory Unit

Will AR live up to the hype? (familiar picture)

Cicret pops back up

343 Industries head leaves for Hololens

New Apple Product(s) to be released at WWDC?

Apple TV upgrade (is there more?)

Motley Fool -- Apple can't be happy about Amazon's new toys.

Microvision LASER welding Paper

The Importance of design

Apple suppliers looking to provide other services....

Augmented Reality Cocktail menu

Pegatron: iPhone8 Production on schedule (upstream suppliers) mass production to start in June. (this actually supports the notion that it could be announced in June.)

Qualcom - Ban the iPhone - Apple iPhone

JPMorgan analyst things iPhone 8 to be announced in June

AR to make paint production more efficient

India specific TV from SONY

Zuckerberg talks Augmented Reality.

Mustang Ad campaign? (looks familiar)

Samsung weird invention with projected keyboard. (really?)

ST SMART Driving summit in Israel

Hololens Inventor: The phone is already dead

Amazon Echo Competitor in June?

Foxconn ramps up Hunan plant

Never bet against porn. AR. (Hesitated, but it's NY POST)

Apple, 3D Sensing, STM (Reddit)

Navy Gunner AR Helmet (Daqri)

Facebook Betting that AR is the Future

Apple Hires NASA Augmented Reality Expert

Prestigious firms make riskier acquisitions 

Augmented Reality taking center Stage

Waymo using GTA game to teach self-driving cars

Facebook -- smartphone?

Xiaomi to create 20,000 jobs in India

Audi Description -- very cool

AR Glasses help with Logistics

Hokanen Mems Engineer Forum

Connector for AR Glasses on iPhone?

Rubin Phone Model # FIH-PM1

Using Augmented Reality

Plan to kill the smartphone. (AR) Australia

GM to have largest autonomous car fleet

Hololens first augmented reality easter-egg hunt

Softbank to help Foxconn buy Toshiba?

With laser scanning this will be vastly improved

Fingerprint sensor causing Apple trouble?


$27 billion for Toshiba's Storage business?
Toshiba sale in Australian Dollars

Bloomberg Son | Bezos in India
Son vs Bezos in India
Acquisitions, Microsoft, Flipcart, etc. 

Lightform/Illumiroom -- the verge

Uses of AR outside of gaming -- misses the big ones (MHO)

PokemonGO  possibility to "drastically shape how millions of people interact with the game around the globe." 

Everyone wants a bigger screen. "Super screen" kickstarter

Projected augmented reality - Mvis does this and portable. [ Time ]


Foxconn & Laser Projection

The Internet without Screens? (He's a little weird, but worth a few minutes.)

Tesla Model 3

WayRay invests in Alibaba augmented reality Holographic Dashboard

Disney to have Augmented Reality Attractions?

Lightform turns projectors into 3D scanners

Apple, Facebook, Magic Leap, working AR Eyewear

Richard Cowell Retires

Cinema con Las Vegas - New Sony?

Netflix for Dreams

Drones + LiDAR for Terrain mapping. (Microvision Post)

Apple mystery wireless device (door part?)

Apple Mystery Wireless Device --- watch, do not assume.

Micromax - One model, six million units... 

The Case for Daqri

Lawyers studying Augmented Reality

Legal Trouble in Self Driving Car arena could be opportunity

Infinix Smart phone

Avegant Glyph Lightfield Tech

Ultrahaptics expanding

New iPad Models Now?

Why Intel bought MobileEye


MobileEye Acquired by Intel

Meta 2 Headset now available

Lincoln to build Cars in China

Google Connected Jacket

Alpith - MEEMO 

Micromax New Features Puzzle on Twitter

Augmented Reality Headset wars have begun (And Microvision's opportunity!)

Foxconn setting up China HQ in Shanghai

New Apple Graphics Chip

Konnect 560 Cinepix -- not sure what to think of this LED? no mention of specs, so back here.

Apple delay - parts from STM 3D scanner?

Overhead projectors and teaching...

Apple and 3D sensing

"by adding more large screen options.... " (Apple) Nikkei

Prospects and partnerships of Waymo

Bosch on EE times (thanks Scott)

Vuzix conference call 3/17/17 0600 PST

Foxconn trying to buy Toshiba Memory.

Microsoft Hololens, straight to version Three

Eureka Magazine on VR and AR

Digilens Sony Foxconn

Hololens tracking: very poor.
(So far)

Apple iPhone timing, Business Insider

PicoBit on Amazon

Augmented Reality in Mining

Mirror link no more  - Now Connected Car Platform

Augmented Reality Market set to Explode

Google, Tango, MWC

Bosch (German article.) thx scott

MediaTek  -- We'll sip power so your phone doesn't explode

Milk VS Love (Consolidation in phone manufacturing, India and China)

Apple Rumors "cancellations"
(or in my case, knew it wasn't going to happen.)

Masayoshi Son lays out vision

Akumen Projector Phone


Bosch Mems 
EETimes, Bosh Laser Projection
Bosch Laser projection module

Uber and Waymo -- fighting over frickin' Lasers... 

Now Apple has "acoustic imaging."

Apple: Boring. Forbes

Researchers -- ultra short laser pulses.

$700... how much for Google or Ford?

3D Camera "Kinect-like" on iPhone8 (persistent rumors)

Sony, STM, Revolutionary front facing camera (Apple)

Government cooperates with Big business to give advantage to "Automakers"

Waymo making own sensors

LG supplying display panels to Samsung?

Dangers of Augmented Reality (Angry Gamer)

Apple iPhone8 Rumor summary

Augmented Reality Chicken and Egg problem

Students ponder the use of Augmented Reality

APPY-PIE AR developer tools

Daqri developing holographic chip -- 3D printing

iPhone8 Significant Feature removed?

Masayoshi Son, considering merger of Sprint and T-Mobile

Apple Pursuing something bigger than Beats

Phantom AR -- democratize Augmented Reality

UltraHaptics -- very interesting, mid-air haptic feedback 

Microsoft Surface Phone -- update

Xperia Projector Hackathon

Apple "Function area" to replace home button.  (Supports Qualper feature)

Time of flight scanner Apple | Primesense

India Smartphone Ratings

"Blatant mysogyny at Magic Leap" (Is this coming out a sign of other serious problems there?)

India -- Local Brands hit by Xaiomi and Lenovo
SoftBank buying Private Equity Firm Fortress

Foxconn -- Culture shock and profit at Sharp

Wistron official "Not Aware" of any deal to produce iPhones in India

Turn off the Magic Leap Hype machine 

Hololens Spectator view

Stocks that turned 10,000 into 3.6 Million+

Never changed the world like they were supposed to

Apple Mystery Device at FCC

Economist Magazine explains what is Augmented Reality

Foxconn Profit boost in the fall

Ford putting 1 Billion into Self Driving Car Startup

Daqri laying off 25% of work force

Micromax to start selling two smartphones in Russia

Alexa coming to Ford Sync

LENOVO PHAB2 -- (Clearly I need to know more about this.)

Wistron assembling iPhone 7 Plus

Apple: A10 Fusion

Apple to more than double the size of Manhattan Store

Amazon Planning Robot Store

Haven't watched this yet.... 
Autonomous record (Info on Lidar, Velodyne,) even considers piracy

iPhone Assembly in India  (now said to be assembly plant)
iPhone Assembly in India (2)

Missed this one from Intersil? 

"Exciting things in the pipeline at Apple"

Micromax sets up fund to invest in consumer internet companies

Optoma vs PicoPro

What to do in a self-driving car Harman

Pegatron to expand in US

Apple to make iPhones in India (Wistron confirmed)

Road to VR Membrane Mirrors

Microsoft to make a Hardened version of Hololens

Apple Talks Acquisitions

Alcatel/Lucent may have modular smartphone at MWC

Apple moving toward AR future --Munster

The Biggest Challenges of Augmented Reality.

LinQ Takes on Hololens lack of gaming

Phillips, Augmented Reality surgery navigation

Shipbuilding, saving huge money with Augmented Reality

Motorola succeeding where Ara Failed

Foxconn, Apple, Sharp, 7 Billion US plant.

Volkswagon Electric Vehicles HUD

Daqri Scales down smart helmet to Glasses (Intel Realsense?)

ASUS augmented Reality Smartphone

Waymo Taking on suppliers

AR for Laser Safety

AR Helps build Tractors in Duluth

Augmented Reality + Drone Game

Nike Using Augmented Reality in Stores

Not much excitement for the loudest iPhone 8 feature

Deep learning algorithm can identify skin cancer

Full commercial launch of Vuzix M300

Third musketeer of Asia | Trump

Surface Phone write-up "could be almost anything." ( described as turning your phone into a big-screen projector, remember that?)

Did Microsoft out-cool Apple?

Apple Downgraded because of over-hyped iPhone8

New Sony Flagship Phone?

AMD Poised to explode in 2017

Interesting collection of hud and other display info (thanks Mike)

7 Billion Foxconn.. apple project?

Apple in Danger -- Qualcomm

Report on mini projector market

Foxconn to invest 7 Billion for US plant?

Apple new development center in Yokohama Japan

Facebook main secret to buying companies is moving fast.

Ford Demonstrates AR & LiDAR

iPhone going out of the way for secrecy

iPad to have competition from Microsoft this spring

Lenovo Augmented Reality Smart Phone

Galaxy S8 Release

Digilens, Money from Sony & Foxconn, "printing" displays.

Nokia to release "Nokia P1" smartphone

Lidar scan of Jungle reveals archaeological sites
Fox Free-streaming Super Bowl 51

Apple AR Rumor Mill (This could be an insane amount of rumor, based on nothing.)

Augmented Reality to help you find a new home

New Sony Phone

Driverless cars Moral Dilemmas

Three "Internet of Things" Stocks to buy now.

Pegatron - Asrock

The Dots are strong with this one

Working on Cancer with Hololens

Google to become Hardware company?

Augmented Reality Hypersuit

Pegatron US Expansion?

Tantalizing Promise of Augmented Reality Games

Flexible Heat Pipe for Hololens (interesting picture)

Virtual Reality Content Group formed

iPhone 8 to take style cue from iPhone 4

Phillips Augmented Reality Surgical Tools

Sharp, Foxconn & TSMC to manufacture in the US

Touchscreen projector - Touchscreen Pond.

Testing Waymo

Apple assembling in China Brazil India - Supply Chain

X30 Powered Smartphone MWC

"Why else, but the size of the screen?"

Seems to me the size of the market keeps growing in these reports. AR Market

Cramer likes STMicroelectronics NV (ADR) STM. He believes it's a good stock and he is willing to buy it at its 52-week high. He added that STMicroelectronics has a strong business.  BENZINGA

Intel, 3D replay

Foldable phone?

Apple Patents electronic devices with holes in them. (I thought they already had them.)

Amazon Best company 3 Trillion? Apple Timid

Projector system stolen at CES

I think they'll be excited when you can put it in your pocket

Softbank's Technology Investment starting to take shape

Redmi note 4 launch -- Regional Brand Generating Chatter 

Automotive, MediaTek and Skyworks


Google Alerts down this morning -- 1/10/17

ODG & Hololens compared

Virtual Reality Check CBS (Mainstream media)

Naughty America discussion of AR / VR Porn

iPhone 8 to shatter previous records? (Why? Wireless charging doesn't cut it.)

Google Self-Driving car - Waymo

Amazon's Alexa behind many new smart products

Intel changing the way we watch sports.

Lumus - Two Augmented Reality displays at CES

Maxsts - AR Glasses | MAXST - BusinessWire

Alexa & Lenovo

Razer's Project Ariana | Microsoft Illumiroom.

Blade 3000

Project Ariana - razer | @MSPoweruser

Apple culture at car Accessory Company.

Lenovo C200

Vuzix M3000 Glasses  [ Kopin doe NOT claim them. ] 

iPhone Theatre mode? (blocking calls, but interesting verbiage)

Wireless charging of iPhone 8 confirmed? (Remember GT Advanced Technology?)

Experience Hololense

Alexa take the wheel

Biggest Risk to Himax -- Motley Fool. (When do they talk about Microvision - their biggest risk?)

MediaTek new Wireless connectivity chip

Intel takes stake in mapping company

Apple contributes to Softbanks Tech fund
Qualcomm contributing to SoftBank Tech fund

Daqri new offering - Big glasses

Chinese threatened by more electronics manufacturing in India

Snapchat acquires Israel AR company

Indian Smartphone sales decline, China sells more

Why Augmented Reality will be big in 2017

Akonia holographic to develop holomirror tech

2017 will be a huge year for streaming TV - Tech makes or breaks it.

China and capital flight (Big issue to watch)

Apple Testing 10 prototypes
iPhone 8 Feature poll (All boring)

Samsung and self-driving cars

STM & the Fruit Company.

Miniaturizing LIDAR with MEMS

SandFox -- Watch with tiny picoprojector (separate unit)

Akonia - display 

Reddit: Magic Leap Akonia -- good connections

Using Augmented reality for your business (A sign things are going mainstream)

TechRadar What to expect from Apple in 2017

Apple making iPhones in India -- starting April (very interesting timing)

Apple Diversifying Supply Chain?

Microsoft Patent for AR tracking

Surface Phone Images Leak (?)   --fakes?--

Wistron lands Next Generation iPhone Contract

Fujitsu 3D Augmented Reality Quality Control Solution

SnapChat Buys Israeli Augmented Reality Startup

Screen less Display Report

Trump and Masayoshi Son (Foxconn)

Extensive MotoZ writeup

The Dark Side of VR

Imagine - being acquired by snapchat

Negative Tax Impacts in India

Mems and the Internet of things Jari

Moonlight - $35 Projector add-on for your phone. (Bedtime story projector)

Economist: Lidar

SanBot the Service Robot

Billions of Miles walked by Pokemon Go players

PicoProjector Forecast Technavio

Dior SmartGlasses

Meta 2 Headsets ship to developers (slashGear)

Axon VR

85% Annual Growth Rate for AR

ODG -- Video - Interesting AR --- 

Leap Motion Hovercast Menu

Holographic Development Software from Microsoft.

Samsung and Sharp at war?

Apple isn't very good

InstaShare projector on Milwaukee News Segment 

Magic Leap Full Steam Ahead

Gene Munster's Final Note on Apple -- AR in your pocket

Everything from a smartphone

Internet Connected TV Devices -- Lots of them

Surface phone 1st half of 2017?

Liquidity and Solvency  -- Simply Wall Street

Shakeup - Sharp, Foxconn, Samsung, Apple

Tries Hololens -- Very impressed

Software challenges of 3D Imagery - Hololens

US Post Office Augmented Reality Application

Oculus CEO steps down.

Channelnomics on PicoProjector industry growth. (LBS)

Listed with "Quantum Dot" companies

Hololens to include sensor to track eye movement. Thanks Dave

Why Google, Microsoft and Amazon love the sound of your voice

If you had invested in Apple at the IPO

Delayed Airpods The hazards of pre-announcing

Second Big Bang -- Augmented reality and Artificial intelligence

Apple upgrades phones and pads with TV App
"Coolest thing we've seen this year"Foxconn lays off employees

Thanks Dave
History and future of AR ---- Slideshare 
The Virtual Retinal Display
2016 Virtual Reality Career Award

The Economy is Broken James A

Occipital Bridge

Virtual reality game to treat phantom limb pain for amputees

Foxconn to expand US operations

Deal to turn Starbucks Stores into Pokestops

Munster Leaving Piper Jaffrey to Create VC Firm

Better Ads in Augmented Reality

set of mixed-reality announcements from Microsoft

Ebit systems spin-off  Dig more

Magic Leap capturing environments - testing

chance to win actual things instead of goofy digital beings "seek"

Amazing new Screen iPhone8

Moonlight projector for Mobile phones

Construction Augmented Reality Application - McDonald Jones

Harman Acquires exclusive right to Navdy

Pokemon Go Gen2 -- December 8

UBER - Owns Self-driving car lab, bought AI company

STM - releases tiny multi-sensor chip

Apple dumping Intel?

BRONCO'S Fans treated to some AR

Apple self-driving cars = Real

Lucid Motors = Real

AutoConnected Car

Holoens, Great or not?

Quora How to build a pico projector

Apple reveals plans for self driving cars


Hololens, spinal surgery

Mediatek entering automotive

Online simulator for STMicroelectronics components 

STM & Apple

Apple vs Micromax in India

Taiwan Smartphone makers ranked

Daqri Head up Display (they had purchased two-trees Photonics from the UK)

Motomods Grindtv

New HUD Unit

MediaTek starting to make chips for Auto

Vuzix raising 14.5 million

Surface phone language: "Category innovating"

Micromax launches new smartphones in Russia

Augmented Reality Stats

China opening for Tech Investment

Forward Works -- December 7?


Amazon Echo with Screen

STM -- IOT portfolio grows

Surface phone in trial production at Pegatron

Bosch, AR and Auto Repair

Siemens and Megaforce - 2012

Megaforce Financials.  [(4,297,393 * 1000)*.031 = $133,219,183] (2016 Revenue)

Mems in Liquid to increase Field of View (technical paper)

Throwback window video technology

Nadella Hints at Surface Phone

iMirror (not an official Apple Product)

Zap box -- Hololens for $30

Tesla Hiring Hololens Augmented Reality Experts

Xperia Ear Launching December 13

techgoondu.com MPCL1A Review


Where next for Augmented Reality (blog Post)

Harman Projector with Android OS

STM Democratizing the Instrument Cluster

Vuzix launching what Apple Aspires to

Micromax Manufacturing (CKD)
Micromax Manufacturing (CKD)

Microsoft looking to build quantum computers

MediaTek Launches UltraCast (MiraCast on steroids)

Apple installing Augmented reality software in their camera app

DQIndia -- more on STMicroelectronics and Microvision

Translated from Chinese on Qualper (Thanks Joe)

VR Sex from japan. (Never bet against porn.)

Self driving car company raises a bunch of money

Single mirror for safety.........................................

Blog Post -- MPCL1 & Playstation & Call of Duty (Korean) Thanks Fuzzie

Apple and AR


Seeking alpha -- Verizon leaving Vuzix = positive

IOT --- ST Microelectronics

Sony's pico projector makes big bright picture

Tech Featured -- (old Article resurfacing)

India Smartphone market  - Micromax & Lenovo

STMicroelectronics (About ST's Automotive)


Hexun News

Translated: STM and Microvision Partnership.

STM Marketing Video PicoProjection.

Myths about augmented Reality

Augmented Reality in Gaming Developer Conference - India

MotoZ Creating Quite the buzz

Apple $4 Billion order for OLED Displays

In the offices of Magic Leap - Forbes

Apple patents AR mapping solution

Vuzix M300 to "volume production."

Samsung scoops up VIV (Siri's mom)

Intel Scoops up Voke (VR events company)

Lenovo to Launch Phab2 Plus November 8

Upcoming top smart phones

Magic Leap Loses Key Exec (And look at the numbers!)

Foxconn expanding to Chips -- Foxbots

Foxconn & Digital Signage

Alive Studios, Augmented Reality Learning Program

Project Tango Released

Apple car augmented Reality

Spud - Portable Screen


Modular phones

First Tango Powered Smart phone

What you get with the Daqri Helmet

Sharp, Foxconn, AliBaba Robotics Alliance

Why Apple is bullish on China

Microsoft Beat Apple Last Week

20 Boyfriends, 20 iPhones = House

"Go Touch" -- interesting device 

Something big at Apple?

Cicret Bracelet (View of new Microvision engine?)

Magic Leap, almost, possibly, in production, maybe... 

Amazon to open 2000 Brick and mortar grocery stores

You don't want Hololens.... yet

xaiomi's iphone8

Apple Suppliers (List) Not Lifted by Apples Bullishness

Livemap Article from Rideapart

Nintendo Switch Patents include projector

Daqri seeking 200 Million

Ostendo Money raise

AppleTV -- not interested in making a TV set.

CELLUON PicoPro Home Theatre Projectors (Top Five, Listed First)

Foxconn to partner with SoftBank/ArmHoldings -- IOT Chips

Elevator servicing with Hololens

SHARP closing LED Factory in Japan

Apple "hello" Something expected to be significant - computer world

Upcoming Apple Event BGR

Super fast, super cheap android phone in China (Media platform)

Google testing Mysterious VR Wireless device

Amazon TV no so Amazon focused 

Television must be reinvented: Apple

World Heads Up Display Market

IMT - (Smart Laser Pico Projector)

First MediaTek powered Verizon Phone

Apple to Attend Mobile World Congress

Apple to redesign stores (Store remodeling is potentially a major indicator of this kind of new product.)

Pico projector report.

Libratone Zip.... (Why stream Netflix on a speaker?)

Article about uncertainty in VR adoption

Very Thorough Moto-Z Review, Insta-share review promised 

Laser Projector "shootout"  

-- BIG projectors, but they're talking 6000 lumens (in the UK)

Forward Works & Sony

MotoMods on Sale in India Today  A very good thing to watch

Wide Field of View Microvision Near eye display

Sony to release smartphone Games

Augmented Reality -- Increased Efficiency -- avoiding buyer's remorse.

Augmented Reality Cat Runs a school

Mercedes to Overtake BMW in a big way (Much Larger HUD in BMW)

Interesting movement around Sprint/T-Mobile/Softbank

Nintendo NX (Duo) Rumor Summary

Nintendo reveal timeline (Before end of year.)

Nintendo NX -- a difference between Bundles...

From Marketing to Manufacturing

Augmented Reality Climbing Wall

MediaTek Record Revenues

Micromax eyes 7% of the smartphone market

AR Grafitti

3D Model Furniture for sale (Try it in your home first.)

AUGMENTED Reality T-shirts.

Nintendo NX -- interesting that they're still "sketchy" on the mobile resolution - maybe it's non-standard.

Pegatron to make new MS Surface products

How to sell VR to the masses -- according to Sony

NOMAD Military Computer on EBay

Innofactor | Lumagate

Google assistant platform to open to developers

Micromax and celebrity endorsements

Xaiomi in India

Google Pixel vs Apple

Apple room controls 

Next president to put the brakes on Chinese ownership of US Media?

Brain Surgery easier with Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality Gaming

Don't dismiss Apple Air pods

MediaTek landing chip orders from Amazon

Samsung S8 Projector mention

Yahoo - effort for Verizon to stay relevant

Amazing Experiences outside

Pico projector fashion 

Report on online streaming services

Sony Games to be available on Android through Forward works

Micromax Vdeo

UBISoft already praising Nintendo NX

Augmented Reality and Manufacturing

Micromax & Samsung to Partner?

Nintendo NX Pre-order page leaked?

MicroMax Video4

Robohon Good Design Award (thanks Joe.)

Xaiomi beats Apple to ultrasonic home button

Apple developing iPhone8 Hardware in Israel

Ultra compact RGB Laser Module 

Foxconn | Pegatron begin production of Nintendo NX

New Apple TV at the FCC? (I tried to follow links to articles about this -- about 5 of them had dead ends until I found this one.) Seems like they're trying to keep this quiet.

Nintendo NX - Business Insider

Nintendo NX - Reveal October or before

Sharp Free Form Display

UK Holographic TV

Production of Nintendo NX beginning

Collection of PicoPro and MPCL1 Videos

Full Cape Laser Projector Phone

Microsoft Stock Buyback

Google October 4 Event -- New Phone, New Chromecast, More

Apple phone manufacturing (three makers - Pegatron, Wistron & Foxconn)

Really a hybrid game system (What does that mean?)

"The NX is trying to change the concept of what it means to be a home console device or a handheld device,"

Apple patents the paper bag (something about an extraordinarily pure WHITE color.)
Paper bag Patent Source 2

Hololens Lets you walk on mars

The Complexity of AR -- Algorithms (Many more pieces than the display must come together.)

Gionee building $75 million factory in India

Apple -Field Programmable Gate Array in iPhone 7
Lattice Semiconductor
What is FPGA?

Go90 - Patient money inside the business

High End Android Clamshell from Samsung

OGIC & Gordon University & CADHERENT

NFL on Twitter -- A Hit

Nintendo NX

IvyRoss head of Google Glass now all Google Hardware

Augmented Reality Headsets (eight of them)

Retail / Fashion use of Augmented Reality (NSFW)

Stanley electric

Vehicle Service Pros -- Nomad

Tesla Mobileye

Runaway protesting robot

Tim Cook on AR vs VR (Nice to see he thinks like me.)

NFL on Apple TV by Twitter


Motley Fool: How will Apple spend its cash hoard?

Vuzix M100 AR Glasses

Sharp | Foxconn & IP management

Trimble connected Mine data ( new ways to visualize information)

Door Projectors -- (Thanks! Eb!)

Surface Phone - impressive new features

Honda Superman Vision

Laser Speckle Photography

This is Penis (iPhone Seven marketing in China)

SnapChat AR Device
Snapchat working on AR device?

Can't stop thinking about Hololens

Apple's dual lense cameras and AR / VR

SoftBank's Purchase of ARM is now complete

Mercedes Heads up display

Sony Forward works

Component maker LG

iPhone7 Proximity sensor switches to laser tech

Xperia Projector 

Apple shopping parts from MediaTek

Xperia Projector. 

Google suspends ARA - to standardize it's hardware

Sony concept N

Future Lab "T" From Sony

B2B show parallels IFA

Holograms for every home (okay, that's a bit ambitious)

Mobile Traffic for Video set to soar (MVIS Twitter)

Thai Smartphone Sales

Hololens at PC Mag (Thanks Joe)

Microsoft Surface Images Leak (Very thick and Square...)

Gorton | Clearwire

Cool Nintendo (NX?) projector patent

Nintendo NX = Nintendo Go?

Nintendo Sleep Monitor with Projector

Nintendo NX prototype was tablet & Controllers (900P)

>>>  2011 <<< OLD Micromax projector phone article x40

Lenovo Yoga 3

Continuum turns surface phone into big screen projector

Current Hololens Display

Sharp turning into something exciting

The Malignant - new chargers for Apple

"Easier to find a new 'Big Screen' iPhone when they come out."

Great article about AR Marketplace

Micromax to sell Yu smartphones in Russia

Apple to open development center in India

F35 Helmet

Gizmag review of Hololens as it is.

Uerkwitz watches Apple and MVIS for Oppenheimer

Micromax under intense pressure

Apple to build research facility in China... NOW. Velodyne

Masayoshi Son and his Vision for ARM Holdings

ibtimes China is becoming Smartphone powerhouse

Prescription inserts for Hololens

Israel Military using Hololens

YMK Photonics, Something on a chip

Apple Getting Large Seattle Offices?

9to5Mac Apple to Seattle

Masayoshi Son --24Bn Bet

NexDock -- Full Sized PC from Windows 10 Phone

More Nintendo NX 

Interesting Leak Behavior iPhone7 (Bloomberg, earlier release date, etc.)

PS4 NEO -- Interesting language in the reporting (don't know what it is.)

Nintendo Patent supports detachable controllers


What can be done with an X-Box (Just one more step)

New PS Vita?

Dragon Quest (RPG) supporting Nintendo NX release

Pokemon Go reaches 200 million revenue in one month.

Merger mania the rage in Tech    (and FREE money doesn't hurt)

Coal miners added to Foxconn workforce?!

MPCL1 at Geeky Gadgets

Extreme Tech (Apple Tech Upgrades)  -- Thanks Tom T.

Aegis Capital Corp

Windows 10 Hololens

Run Rockets -- AR sensors

Skully Helmets ending operations

Nintendo NX: trial production Q3, full production Q4

Could Augmented Reality Games have a positive Impact?

Perfect back yard

MIT working to make Augmented reality more interactive (Cool!)

Baidu Releases Augmented Reality Platform -- there will be a lot of working going on in the AR space in interface and software before they are ready for the great displays. 

Facebook 404 Hardware Lab

Google founders visit Singapore

Culture Change at Microsoft about Acquisitions

Two people can't play just dance in front of a tablet screen... 

No Cash problem at Microsoft

MicroMax Media and digital review

China Schools big tech with UBER 

Everything you need to know about AR (wareable.com)

LG G5 - modular phone

Holophone comes with 35 lumen projector

8 / 2 / 16 - Sony starts taking pre-orders for its VR Headset.


In Stock at TaoBao

Akyumen Hawk

HUD OEMS -- DELPHI offers Laser based

Impatient for Hololens

MEMS resurgence at STM

iPhone7 Lightning connector found in Vietnam

Google Moonshot Lab1
Google Moonshot Lab 2

Nintendo NX - More questions than Answers

Augmented Reality Tool (for medical education)

Apple abandoning smart connector? (The existence of the smart connector was rumor, the report of its abandonment is a rumor as well.)

Nintendo starting to understand something Apple still doesn't [ Portable console game ]

Bangkok Post -- Augmented Reality Games (The Future is made of AR)

Projector Sandbox (Showed PicoPro to the developers at CES and they REALLY like the PicoPro.)

PC Mag India -- still prefers Celluon PicoPro

Lufthansa -- laser projection based Installation

Lufthansa Laser Based installation

CNET on Upcoming SONY products including Xperia Agent

Samsung Flags MiniProjector? S8?

"Aside from these specs, the Samsung Galaxy S8 will likewise feature Corning Gorilla Glass 5, 4G LTE connectivity, Bluetooth 5.0, fingerprint scanner, retina eye scanner, wireless charging, rapid charging and mini projector.

Sunty--SP001 Mini PC with Projector

Swiss Army Knife of phones (Moto Mods)

Masayoshi Son --moving beyond gaming with ARM Holdings. 

Carbon Mobiles - India - Switching to TV

Sharp / Foxconn using MediaTek 10 Core chip in new phone

Pegatron CEO has soft spot for strays

What is known about the Nintendo NX

Phone Arena iPhone 7 Variants

Meta Raises More $$

Boeing using AR headsets and Google glass to build airplanes.

Google working on headset that mixes augmented and virtual reality

Buy yourself a Qualper Phone

Daqri helmet

Nintendo NX may be released early to capitalize on success of Poke'mon go.

Engadget (Pokemon on Hololens)

How Popular will Ingress get?

Augmented reality - Business opportunities that weren't there before

Become a Ghostbuster

iPhone supplier Taiwan Semiconductor (Crushes 2nd quarter results and 3rd quarter guidance)

MotoZ review

Ostendo Technologies raises 62 Million

Edelman - Things we have learned about Augmented Reality

Put PicoP in this and wow.

Just the beginning of Augmented Reality

Qualper Test?

Laser Tag

LG = Apple supplier

Qualper Link

Pegatron Earnings up 33%

Pokemon Go causes Exercise Pandemic

Sharp/ Foxconn first new phone in a while.   (check for posting vs. Qualper, looks similar, buttons, band  & home button area.)

MicroVision Volatility Levels (Interesting Investor Page)

LG rumor on Twitter

Pegatron & LeTv

Laser Nerdliness -- Plasmonic Lasers

Dealstreet - Foxconn to take over phone factory.


Apple 3D Scanner with Projector

Who is Marni Walden (And why investors should care)

Google buys AI startup

Chinese Netflix Style Content focused Phone

Apple demanding price cuts

Pegatron stick PC

Pegatron Design  <--- dig more here.

Pegatron pushing new car electronics

Comprehensive history of Augmented Reality

Meet Pegatron (Silicon Valley Business Journal)

Meet the best Apple Leaker

Hololens Galaxy Explorer Code

Hololens Rising Star Killer Sentenced

Why?   (Why would a flip phone with a tiny screen be running the latest version of android?)

Juggernaut Alpha -- haven't seen word of this for a while.

IBM to soar while Apple to stumble

Pioneer Transparent projection system

Modular Phones

"Powder Keg" Apple --- been hearing a lot of this

FORBES: Touch sensitive home button This describes the home button on the Qualper demo phone.

Cooperation in 5G deployment (This much cooperation is telling me that the standard is set -- if the standard is set, compliant devices can be made.)

How much do they like Robots?

Desk lamp shaped projector

Cancun new projector product (possibly / likely PicoP)

Foxconn marketing Sharp Smartphones in Taiwan

Nintendo NX -- "won't show for fear of copying" (what features could be seen in a console that could be copied?)

Nintendo NX - feature

iPhone 7 --- more different than previously thought (New training required.)

Logic supply CL100 Computer. (Small industrial computer.)

...need to translate this

Microsoft: hand tracking is the future of PC input

Google to create their own phone (to take on Apple)

Cord Cutting

Rubicon survey on Watching Habits.  -- How would you rather watch the olympics on your phone?

Foxconn Interesting quote

Foxconn chairman Terry Gou stated that "Sharp has lots of technology but it isn't able to market it. Turning patents to technology, then turning technology to products, that's what we are good at."

Magic Leap

AR GLASSES for Bicyclists

Rumors of the iPhone Pro

Illuminance Site

iPhone rumors out of Pegatron

Go90 redesign.. Mobile streaming gets better

Modular Smart Watch

Smart manufacturing will benefit greatly from Augmented Reality.

Personal assistants (Comcast in the mix now.)

Home Button Mods (Looks like Qualper) 

Scanning Laser Mems in cancer diagnostics
A feature I've been watching for:  (just like the Qualper Phone)
According to rumors, the button will be replaced by a touch-sensitive screen that the users can use by tapping on it. The users will be able to use it for single tapping, holding Siri and also double tapping several apps. The new touch ID sensor to be included in iPhone 7 is expected to be smoother and faster.

iPhone7 Production -- underway at the PEGATRON factory.

Android Gameboy Add on

Size of Indian smartphone market (huge)


Does SONY know how to do marketing?

iPhone 7 Conspiracy theory -- Motley Fool

"However, as time has passed, various leaks suggest that the iPhone 7 will mostly consist of internal upgrades. In other words, an iPhone 6s...s.

Although the new phone may very well turn out to be just that, I can't help but wonder if these leaks suggesting that the next iPhone will be boring are a deliberate attempt at misdirection ahead of the launch of the product.

Apple likely doesn't want people to wait for iPhone 7

With demand for the iPhone 6s series of phones already relatively tepid, it would not be in Apple's best interests for potential customers to get wind of the new features and enhancements that will be coming to this year's iPhone."

Teen Vogue -- Complete list of iPhone 7 Features


TTTech Advanced Driver Assistance Systems


iPhone 8 "super cycle"

VR/AR to connect you with the arts?

How LG will beat Samsung

Moto Mod Projector -- Pricetag 

Paper Light

Laser projection continues to grow, Sony the best

Light Touch -- Interesting

Fast forward to :53


Foxconn bid for Sharp is double Japan Innovation's

Utilities employing AR

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